10 Windows for Only $3495

Complete Installation Included!

P-Tek El Paso was fantastic to work with! Excellent job and amazing service!

– Desiree Nieto, Window Customer

Rather do it yourself? Get your measuring tape ready!
Follow the instructions below to see if you qualify:


Count the total amount of windows you have in your home that you want to have replaced. 

 Have 10 or more? Great! Go on to the next step.

Less than 10 windows? No problem, you’ll probably get an even better deal!


Next, check to see if all 10 of your windows are rectangular.

 If any of your windows are a different shape such as a circle or an arch, your overall quote will have to be slightly adjusted. On to the next step!


Measure the height and width of each window in inches, then add them together. The total width + height of each individual window must be 96 inches or less. 

If one or more of your windows is larger than this, your quote will have to be slightly adjusted.

That's it! It's really as easy as 1-2-3.

If your windows meet all the criteria, congrats!
You qualify for the special!

If your home doesn't quite meet the requirements, no worries. Your quote will be slightly adjusted but we guarantee that you're still going to get your amazing new windows at an incredible price.

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